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Going Off: A Black Woman's Guide For Dealing With Anger And Stress

Faye Childs & Noreen Palmer

Going Off: A Black Woman's Guide For Dealing With Anger And Stress

A Black Woman's Guide for Dealing with Anger & Stress Going Off examines common scenarios that can lead to anger in friendships, romantic relationships, families and the workplace. Fueling on an adrenaline rush, "going off" has a payoff that makes us feel justified to act aggressively; however, in the aftermath of explosive anger, you face hurtful consequences which impact your relationships. Going Off suggests ways to defuse your anger triggers by changing your perspective so that you can avoid the temptation to "go off" and instead think about the situation rationally. It also helps you recognize when you are suffering from the Invincible Black Woman syndrome, the silent but strong type, and leads you on a path to recovery through control over stressful situations, counseling, setting limits, and accepting support from others. Going Off identifies some of the most common anger triggers and the four anger styles: Authoritarian: difficulty seeing others' points of view or feelings High Profile: overly concerned with image, often displaying a strong front Pragmatic: a stable team player at risk of internalizing anger Intellectual: likes to be in control and feels threatened when criticized Finding spiritual release through rituals, meditation, self-care, and forgiveness is the final tool for conquering negative anger patterns. With insight, empowering quotes, and spiritual reflections, Going Off is full of inspiration and hope.

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