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Ancient African Kingdoms: From the Kingdom of Kush to the Mali Empire, Discover the History of Classical African Civilization

Jim Barrow

Ancient African Kingdoms: From the Kingdom of Kush to the Mali Empire, Discover the History of Classical African Civilization

A broad history of one of the greatest civilizations that ever existed... Here's the untold story of the most prominent African kingdoms!

Since the beginning of time, Africa's been inhabited by humans. As one of the oldest civilizations, it is suspected that mankind first originated from Africa. Nearly 5000 years later, Africa's ancient kingdoms are equally fascinating to the modern world as they were once before.

Did you know that ancient Africans developed some of the first mathematics systems, established language, revolutionized architecture, and much more? Their ideas have spread across the world and we have been building on their knowledge for all these years.

Would you like to:

  • Learn where civilization as we know it today begun?
  • Explore the most prominent ancient African kingdoms?
  • Discover the world-shaping events that happened in Africa?
  • Take a look at and understand Africa's rich mythology and history?

In this book, the author will take you on a journey through ancient Africa, focusing on the six major African kingdoms. From their beginnings to their fall, the influence they had on the world, and the myths that'll live forever, these kingdoms are worth the exploration!

Here are a few of the topics that this book covers:

  • Pre-colonial kingdoms of North, East, West, Central and South Africa: An overview of more than 80 kingdoms
  • The Kingdom of Kush: Explore early Kush and Kerma, Napata, the 25th Dynasty, the City of Meroe, and the economy
  • The Land of Punt: Its location, Hatshepsut's expedition to Puns, the legend of Punt and the modern-day, etc
  • Carthage: Foundation and expansion, affluence and invasion, the Punic wars, government, economy, agriculture, and more
  • Kingdom of Aksum: History, culture, society, religion, foreign relations and economy, architecture, coinage, etc
  • Sahelian Kingdoms: Introduction to all the Sahelian kingdoms and empires, their economy, history, and decline
  • Mali Empire: Administration, military, economy, religion, culture, its three most-powerful rulers, and ultimate decline
  • And much more!

If you're looking to deepen your knowledge of the ancient African culture, empires, and kingdoms, look no further than this book. Through great fact-based storytelling, the author will make you relive history, unlike any other history book you've studied so far!

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