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Lola Morayo

Aziza's Secret Fairy Door and the Magic Puppy

The fifth title in a fun and inclusive magical adventure series inspired by world mythology. Perfect for readers ages 6-8, and gorgeously illustrated in black-and-white throughout by Cory Reid. Aziza's brother Otis is pestering their parents for a dog. Again. Aziza is sympathetic, but soon finds the fairy door with spring flowers all around it. She is stepping through to a new adventure with her magical friends in Shimmerton - but not before her brother, Otis, runs up to her and enters the fairy door as well. They arrive just in time for the spring fete. But when they discover the town clock is broken, it is up Aziza, Otis, their new-found puppy Hainu and their friends to fix the clock, or spring won't come and they'll be stuck in Shimmerton forever!

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