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Caribbean Cultural Identity: The Case of Jamaica

Rex Nettleford

Caribbean Cultural Identity: The Case of Jamaica

"Caribbean Cultural Identity: An Essay in Cultural Dynamics is a reaffirmation of the validity of that persistent quest by the Jamaican and Caribbean people for place and purpose in a globalised world of continuous change. In post-colonial societies like Jamaica, the issue of cultural identity is as important as political independence and economic self-sufficiency. Rex Nettleford goes further by declaring that cultural identity is as fundamental a reality as food, shelter, clothing and job opportunities and is not a mere abstract preoccupation. For this reason, cultural ‘action’ is central to effective social change. Caribbean Cultural Identity analyses and illustrates the dynamics of cultural evolution in the Caribbean. Nettleford focuses on the problems of identity, particularly as it relates tocultural pluralism and Eurocentricity and describes in detail the role that the performing arts have played in shaping the general development of Jamaica as well as the Caribbean in general. This book is essential reading for courses in Caribbean Studies in particular and Cultural Studies in general and provides a valuable resource for culture workers and for policymakers engaged in culture and development. "

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