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Clubhouse Mysteries #3: Shadows of Caesar's Creek

Sharon M. Draper

Clubhouse Mysteries #3: Shadows of Caesar's Creek


Ziggy and his Black Dinosaur pals are excited about their overnight camping trip to Caesar's Creek State Park -- it was named after an ex-slave who later became a Shawnee chief! Their camping counselor is descended from Caesar, and she fills the campers' imaginations with intriguing but sometimes spooky stories about her ancestor and Shawnee legends and traditions.  So when Ziggy and his friends discover an old canoe in some bushes by the lake, they decide to sneak outside at night and test their courage like Shawnee youth in their manhood ceremonies. But Shawnee youth probably wouldn't have found themselves drifting in the middle of the lake with their paddles still on shore, or lost in the woods surrunded by strange noises. Could it be a bear? Or the ancient spirits of their counseor's tales?

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