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Clubhouse Mysteries #1: The Buried Bones Mystery

Sharon M. Draper

Clubhouse Mysteries #1: The Buried Bones Mystery

With their neighborhood basketball court destroyed by vandalism, Ziggy, Rashawn, Jerome, and Rico don't know how they're going to spend summer vacation. Then Ziggy has a brilliant idea (Ziggy is always getting brilliant ideas) they can start a club, with secret meetings and code words and special treasures.
And so the four friends become the Black Dinosaurs, with a terrific clubhouse they build in Ziggy's backyard. But when the boys try to hide their treasures, they're swept up in a mystery more intriguing -- and scary -- than anything they could have imagined. Who could have buried a box of bones behind their clubhouse? And why is old Mr. Greene lurking around late at night, singing "Dem bones gonna rise again"? Trust Ziggy to come up with a daring plan to find some answers....

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