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Danica Dramatica: Queen Me! ( Danica Dramatica #1 )

Lori Nelson Lee

Danica Dramatica: Queen Me! ( Danica Dramatica #1 )

Ten-year-old Danica Darcy has had enough of Paris Pickett! After years of dealing with Paris bullying her way to first place in every competition, the fashionista drama queen of the 4th grade is determined not to lose to the green-eyed "wicked Pickett," again. Presented with the opportunity to win the title of "Smoothie Queen," along with the rhinestone tiara and all it's fabulous sparkly appeal, Danica prepares a plan to go head-to-head against the wicked southern belle in a juicy battle of the blenders. But when a secret ingredient threatens Danica's plan, she goes into panic mode and the real drama begins.

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