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Egyptian Origin of the Book of Revelation

John H C Pippy

Egyptian Origin of the Book of Revelation

This book describes many parallels between Christianity's Book of Revelation and the religious beliefs of ancient Egyptians. Parallels include Revelation's God on the throne, Christ, the Lamb, the devil, the two beasts, mark of the beast, false prophet and the tribes of Israel. All appear in the same order as in mainstream Egyptian texts such as the Amduat and the Book of Gates. Significantly, parallel characters, events and series of events appear in same order in both sources, including: the opening of the scroll in Rev 5, the two witnesses in Rev 11, song of Moses in Rev 15, the beasts of Rev 13, the harlot and the kings in Rev 17, the millennium, resurrection and judgment in Rev 20 and the arrival of a new creation in Rev 21. Allusions to the Book of the Dead are common. Finally, the entire structure and most of the content of the Book of Revelation can be accounted for in the layout of paintings on the walls a single Egyptian tomb. For archeologists, Egyptologists and Bible scholars.

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