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Essential Warrior: Living Beyond Doubt and Fear

Shaha Mfundishi Maasi

Essential Warrior: Living Beyond Doubt and Fear

For the Kongo Bantu these relationships (warrior practices: healing, weapon design and construction, strategies, tactics, etc) were centered in and around the Tendwa Nza Kongo and it's constituent elements. Hardly an initiation or other tyoe if ritual in conducted that does not include the cycle of the sun as it passes through worlds of power and transformation. The warrior employs natural forces as allies that aid in the attainment of power within self, or elements that can be used to defeat an adversary. Operating much like a matrix system, the Tendwa Nza Kongo is in actuality, part of a greater body of teachings that are presented in a series of seventeen symbols that delineate the formation of the world, conduct in society, spiritual and moral discipline and a vast body of information vital to personal transformation and employment

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