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From Birth Through High Asking Why?

Mourace Scott

From Birth Through High Asking Why?

What if our early years were designed to teach us how to be independent thinkers and to use that knowledge to pursue a life's calling, not merely a job that pays?
This is a book about you through me. The stories may not be yours, but the underlying message might be. What are your earliest thoughts? How did family, friends, school, and media affect your career and life choices? Not everyone will get straight A's, and some who do may not want to go into traditional professions. While the book was designed to help teens and young adults reflect on career choices, many adult readers enjoy it also. It has helped them expand the career discussions they have with their children and look deeper at their own
thought process.  At some point, we look at our life and ask the question “WHY?” The WHY is different for everyone. This question is so powerful that it shapes our thoughts and eventually determines whom we become. If we ask the right questions of others and of ourselves, we will eventually find the answers we seek. If we answer the WHY, the
HOW will become clear.

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