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From the Browder File

Anthony Browder

From the Browder File

From The Browder File is 'must' reading for all African Americans. Essays in this book are not intellectual pontifications. The thought provoking material represents a true labor of love from an African American father, 'brother,' scholar and 'Hue-Man' being who is unlocking the last remaining vestiges of enslavement — the need for liberation of the melanin mind. Browder’s messages reflect a keen ability to identify key issues and positive actions for change. Essays include discussions on the topics such as life style practices that destroy the very essence of existence, subliminal media messages which corrupt mind, body and soul and how current fads and fashion trends affect African Americans. Browder’s critical interpretations of systems of mis-education and mis-information bear witness to his wisdom and continued struggle for truth and righteousness. Right on Tony Browder! and WRITE ON!! Patricia A. Newton

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