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God, the Bible and the Black Man's Destiny

Ishakamusa Barashango

God, the Bible and the Black Man's Destiny

THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN: To set the records (both sacred and secular) straight. For hundreds of years we have been led to believe that God, Jesus, the characters of the Bible and the founders of civilization, were white; when in reality, they all were BLACK. As you take your spiritual and intellectual journey through the succeeding pages of this book, you will find an abundance of evidence to this fact. THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN: To meet the psychological and spiritual needs of Black folks; by providing them with a sound theology and mythology based upon historical facts and universal law. Documented evidence to verify the truths contained herein, has existed in fragmented and scattered form throughout the ages of man; but, in modern times, this is the first arrangement and compilation of these into a work of this nature. THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN: To be added unto the universal portrait of truth. In this work, we do not claim to contain all knowledge; This book is but a humble offering unto the Black Nation; a portion of that most infinite knowledge which exists in the total cosmic scheme

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