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Tiffany Golden

I Want to Be Big!

Jaiceon wishes he was big?bigger than his whole family, bigger than everyone! If he were big, he could reach the cookies on the counter, or make his own sandwich. He could stay up really late, swim with sharks, and even be best friends with Bigfoot! Nobody?s your boss when you?re big. When Jaiceon?s wish is granted, rules shrink away, and he dives into a world of enormous fun. But as he grows, the situation grows out of control along with him, and Jaiceon starts to wonder if being small wasn?t so bad after all. The sky?s the limit in this larger-than-life tale about how sometimes what we wish for isn?t exactly what we want, and how, with a little creativity and help, we can learn to love ourselves for who we are right now.

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