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Imani and Friends: I Love My Hair

Monique Brathwaite

Imani and Friends: I Love My Hair

Growing up can be tough, especially if you happen to look slightly different to all of the other kids in your neighborhood. Imani sadly knows this all too well, as the other kids often tease her and call her names because of her hair, especially Byron, the neighborhood bully. All Imani ever wanted was to do something with her afro, which, whilst beautiful, was the main reason she was teased at school. Her Mom had promised her a perm for her 10th birthday, but unfortunately things don't always work out the way you want them to. Luckily for Imani, she has her best friend Juan, who always has her back and is always there to help pick her up when times are hard. One day whilst studying at Juan's house afterschool, and meeting Juan's older sister, Maria, Imani makes some pretty startling realizations which change her entire outlook, not only on her appearance, but about life itself.

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