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NEGUS Majestic Tradition of Ethiopia

Miguel F. Brooks

NEGUS Majestic Tradition of Ethiopia

Astounding, controversial, thought-provoking... Amazing in its broad sweep and profound depiction of the grand themes in Ethiopia's millennarian Culture. From the remote and exotic traditions of Solomon and Sheba to the legendary, Biblical line of Solomonic Kings, a powerful overview of the incredible trajectory through Bible, History and World affairs of the oldest Royal Dynasty in the annals of mankind... Revealing unknown details of Italy's war crimes in Ethiopia and the prophecies that foretold it... Britain's blood guilt in the commerce of chattal slavery... The destiny and prophetic mission of the Ashanti-Koromantyn slaves and the emergence of the true Judah in the Rastafarians of Jamaica. Never-before-published revelations on the plot to destroy the 'Back to Africa' movement, to crush Ras Tafari and to assassinate its prophets and the King. A rare and extraordinary work, with its haunting and dramatic narrative spanning the centuries unto our days... It is sure to stimulate long, intense debate and rock the comfortable assumptions of conventional beliefs... A fitting sequel to Brook's KEBRA NAGAST ( The Glory of Kings)... Searing the mind with the vivid pictures of Ethiopia's rich heritage and universal legacy

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