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Object Oriented Development in Africa

Musaba D. Chailunga

Object Oriented Development in Africa


Traditional theories of development continue to come up short in Africa, and it’s time to explore different models to achieve success.

Author Musaba D. Chailunga, a Zambian living in Canada, calls upon his expertise as a software developer to seek better solutions to Africa’s problems. He says Africans must do the following:
Capitalize and/or formalize transactions to legally document existing infrastructure and normalize processes.
Encourage a free trade in which the emphasis is put on the quality of trade rather than the value, and profits are created out of mass exchange rather than exorbitant unit prices.
Recognize there are no random events.  Every player at every level in a given community has to recognize that actions matter, and everything is connected.


Object-Oriented Development in Africa leaves us no time to wish, little time to hope, and all the time to create and build. It is an unconventional model of development for rural communities, but the basis for it is not new, and for Africa it might just work.

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