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Roots - The Saga of an American Family

Alex Haley

Roots - The Saga of an American Family

As the first Black American writer to trace his origins back to their roots, he has told the story of millions of Americans of African descent.  He has rediscovered for an entire people a rich cultural heritage that slavery took away from them, along with their names and identity.  Translated into 26 languages and made into a remarkable eight-part-miniseries, this incredible blend of fact an fiction chronicling Alex Haley’s ancestral history was on bestseller lists for over two years, selling millions of copies worldwide. Haley received special citations from the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award committees, and received the Spingarn Medal for this eloquent story of seven generations, beginning with a birth in 1750 in an African village. But Alex Haley did more than trace the ancestry of his own family. ROOTS speaks not just to African-Americans, or to whites, but to all peoples and all races everywhere, peoples and races with their own rich cultural heritages, their own tales of courage, their own generations of men and women whose spirit and indomitable will have left footprints in the sands of history. ROOTS: THE SAGA OF AN AMERICAN FAMILY, by Alex Haley, is a timeless work, an extraordinary epic that rightfully takes its place as a Modern Classic–for new readers to discover, old fans to cherish anew.

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