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Scattered Thoughts: A Stream of Consciousness

Felicia Guy-Lynch

Scattered Thoughts: A Stream of Consciousness

This book is about various subject matters such as relationships, questioning the norm, and critiquing the social construction of melinated people. It was inspired by the need to be purged of combative emotions and thoughts.  Sharing lessons learned and the insights gained in this game of life were also apart of the inspiration.  The title reflects a generation of young people whose minds are all over the place. The subtitle demonstrates the transparency that is accompanied by the content disseminated.  The only research needed was downloading experiences from one's soul.  The citations are the emotions that the content evokes.  One of the most important lessons taken is to never die with one's music inside of them.   It's worse than death itself.  Repression is crippling. Genuine and uncensored expression is the antidote.  It is hoped that the readers relate and implement what's necessary for their path of self-embetterment.

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