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Sex and Race Vol.1

J A Rogers

Sex and Race Vol.1

This book is dedicated to a better understanding among all the varieties of human race. The merest common sense for such an understanding. Racial doctrines as they exist today negate intelligence. Indeed they furnish a paradox that exceeds any of the extravagances of Gilbert and Sullivan. We shall see that mankind began as a single family; that the family circle widened and widened until it broke into segments, and with that came the illusion that the segments were no longer parts of the circle. But thanks to mechanical progress and the spread of knowledge the segments are coming together again; the various ends are being united; the cycle is being completed; and a single understanding family is once more being formed. Already among men of goodwill in many parts of the world this misunderstanding, this sense of unity, exists. Racial understanding, racial sympathy, is the key to permanent WORLD PEACE.

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