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Sister Friends 2021 Calendar

African American Expressions

Sister Friends 2021 Calendar


Many Black women have a special bond with their female friends — their “Sister Friends.” These women may not share our blood, but they’re as close as our own sisters are. They know us, car for us and make us better. They also remind us when we’re drifting, and are a great beacon of Faith and understanding. If you’re not gifted with a blood sister, you can take comfort in knowing that everyone can have a sister friend!  

Where would we be without our sister friends - the precious women who enrich our lives and encourage our souls? While they may not be blood related, they hold a very special place in our hearts and play an irreplaceable role in our stories. They are women we can always count on, day or night. They give us encouraging words that keep us pushing forward and offer helping hands to pick us up when we fall. This year's Sister Friends calendar captivates the bubbly, sweet celebration of the ones whose friendships have been sharpened into sisterhood along our journey.

This year’s Sister Friends calendar is a sweet celebration of the priceless sister friend bond which is rare and not easily broken. An exquisite marriage of faith and fashion, each month of this youthful calendar features lively sister friends donning stylish attire and declaring powerful truths. With timeless inspirational sentiments and bright pops of color, this glamorous calendar is truly in a class of its own!

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