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The Black Biblical Heritage: Four Thousand Years of Black Biblical History

John L. Johnson

The Black Biblical Heritage: Four Thousand Years of Black Biblical History


The first and only book of its kind, other than the Holy Bible itself, printed in the Americas, that de-lineates the genealogy of people of color.

The Black Biblical Heritage reveals the Black family structure in the Bible, by highlighting 4000 years of Black Biblical history, based on the genealogy of man, from the creation of Adam, with strong emphasis on Noah’s youngest son Ham, the father of the African and Asian people. It was Ham and his four Negro sons, Cush (Ethiopia), Mizraim (Egypt), Phut (Libya) and Canaan (Palestine or Israel), who developed the world’s first industri-ous and sophisticated civilizations. They invented the wheel, math, the alphabet, astronomy, science, architect, navigation, irrigation, agriculture, sculpture and the textile industry; knowledge which was later transmitted to Greece and Rome. The Black Biblical Heritage also reveals many Black priests, prophets, kings, queens, prime ministers, presidents, craftsmen and teachers, whom for centuries, discovered and expounded much of today ideas concerning the uni-verse, government, religion, medi-cine and find arts.

This text not only designate where Noah's Ark landed, but also where it began.  The Black Biblical Heritage is a caption of man, God and civili-zation, which covers eons of Divine chronologies, extending from the first man Adam (Adham) to Jesus Christ (Hamashiah) in the flesh!

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