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The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You to Read

Tim C. Leedom

The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You to Read

The Book is an inquiry into crucial issues of today. These issues need examination, for we are now all villagers in the global electronic village of the world of which social commentator Marshall McLuhan spoke 30 years ago. As McLuhan pointed out, the potential is tremendous for the advancement of knowledge and understanding through television and electronics. However, he went on to warn, ‘the reverse of this is chilling.’ The reverse of ‘the advancement of knowledge and understanding,’ is ‘the retreat of knowledge and the diminution of understanding,’ also known as brainwashing, dumbing down and bubble gum for the mind. Both the advance and the retreat are happening, in fulfillment of McLuhan’s prophecy. The Book set its tone with Robert Ingersoll and Thomas Paine. It does not back off from the challenge and exposure of the Bible and religion. The mere mention of pagan origins, astrotheology and mythology always brings howls of protest and denial from the church. The Book makes more than mere mention: it shows religion for what it is. You will not find the uniformity of belief that you find in a religious tract. There are some lively disagreements among our authors. This is fitting in a book meant to challenge. Discovering the truth of the evidence of other Saviors and of stories identical to many in the Old and New Testaments, which appeared one thousand years before Jesus, will be unsettling, as will the exposure of modern-day abuses and politics in the name of God’ --From the Preface

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