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The Deceiving of the Black Race

Moses Farrar

The Deceiving of the Black Race


This book is written from Biblical and historical perspectives and brings to light many unpopular, neglected, and hidden truths. For too long a time the Black race has been ill-depicted, cited by many as not ever having a culture and not having made any contributions to civilization. This work in many places denounces and seeks to undo, through undeniable facts, that type of thinking. However, the main purpose of this book is for the impartation of Truth - a truth that has been hidden, crushed, and nearly destroyed for more than twenty centuries.

This book is truly "the greatest story never told" in that it reveals the Truth of how people in general, and those of African ancestry in particular, have been greatly deceived for two-thousand years by the Pauline Doctrine, the Greco-Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church.

The Deceiving of the Black Race, the only book of its kind, resurrects scores of Biblical and historical facts essential to people of African descent. The author believes that no one has a monopoly on the Almighty, and the truths which He has revealed to His prophets are for all peoples.

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