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The First Americans Were Africans: Expanded and Revised

David Imhotep

The First Americans Were Africans: Expanded and Revised


Color Edition. The First Americans Were Africans: Expanded & Revised, written by a brilliant African American scholar, David Imhotep, who holds a Ph.D. Of course, Dr. Imhotep is not the first person to draw attention to the African presence in the Americas before Columbus. Dr. Imhotep’s thesis is by far the most revolutionary viewpoint ever published on this subject. After colossal Negroid stone heads were first excavated in Mexico in the 1860s, several Latin American scholars began to speculate that Africans had sailed to the New World in ancient times. Unlike his predecessors he does not claim that Africans simply sailed to the Americas before Columbus and influenced the native Americans who resided in the New World. He states, instead, that the Native Americans themselves were Black Africans who first reached the New World at least 130,000 years ago. Citing skulls and skeletons, footprints in lava, campsites, genetic markers, linguistics, paintings, carvings, architecture and Egyptian writing, artifacts and structures.

Cowboys and Indians Africans? Not hardly. The Cowboys and Indians came on the scene far too late.  The first Americans even came before the "Native Americans," far before any other group at least 56,000 years ago!  This particular statement is backed by eight peer-reviewed articles.   We will study evidence exposed by a panel of credible scholars, professors and researchers.  The evidence exposed by a panel of credible scholars, professors and researchers.  The evidence is in several different scientific fields.  Many pictures maps, charts and summation lists are included.  Do not forget the Egyptians.  They were also here far before the Indians or Columbus.  They left structures above and below the waves in far away places in North and South America.  From the East to the West Coasts; from the valleys to mountain tops that still carry their names. You will read about remnants of their artifacts, writings, architecture, farming and more.  For years this story was hidden and forbidden to be repeated. Researchers who dared to bring out new finds that were against the accepted history were intimidated, funding terminated and in some cases jobs and careers put in jeopardy.  Dr. Imhotep is now throwing caution to the wind and lifting the veil of secrecy never to be closed again. This is a true history for all to learn and enjoy and there is much more on its way . . . as the veil of secrecy and concealed information is made available to the public in my future, "Lifting of the Veil Series".  The First Americans, as seen on the cover of this book, will be thoroughly covered. The picture was taken by the crew of The HMS Challenger Expedition, 1872-1876 A.D. at the most Southern region of South America, at a place called Tierra del Fuego. This picture can be seen today in the Natural Museum of London.

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