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The Holy Piby

Shepherd Robert Athlyi Rogers

The Holy Piby

The Holy Piby is one of the Foundation Writings that helped to influence the Rastafari Movement: The Holy Piby is as revelant today as when it first appeared in 1924. The Holy Piby shows great respect for Marcus Garvey where it says- ‘Raise not the weight of your finger on Marcus Garvey, neither speak ye against him.' '…and declared Marcus Garvey an apostle of the Lord God for the redemption of Ethiopia and her suffering posterities' Athlyi Rogers the Author of The Holy Piby is a special and unique Brother with great leadership and organizing skills. He was born in Anguilla in the Caribbean and established the house of Athlyi in New Jersey in the U.S.A. and Kimberly in South Africa amongst other places. On the 24th August 1931, Athlyi Rogers took his life and departed this earth.

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