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The Mystical Journey From Jesus to Christ

Muata Ashby

The Mystical Journey From Jesus to Christ

THE MYSTICAL JOURNEY FROM JESUS TO CHRIST Discover the ancient Egyptian origins of Christianity before the Catholic Church and learn the mystical teachings given by Jesus to assist all humanity in becoming Christlike. Discover the secret meaning of the Gospels that were discovered in Egypt. Also discover how and why so many Christian churches came into being. Discover that the Bible still holds the keys to mystical realization even though its original writings were changed by the church. Discover how to practice the original teachings of Christianity which leads to the Kingdom of Heaven.

For many years, the personality of 'Jesus Christ' has exerted a powerful influence on the world, but do people really understand the deeper implications of his teachings? Recently, Christian scriptures from the time of Jesus were discovered in Egypt and their importance rivals, if not surpasses, that of the famous 'Dead Sea Scrolls.' This because the Ancient Egyptian Christian texts, now known as the 'Nag Hammadi Library,' give insight into the mystical teachings of early Christianity, before the New Testament of the Bible was put together.

Take a fascinating journey of discovery into the mystical teachings of Christianity and discover how to apply those teachings in your life in order to attain the goal of all mystics, saints and sages the world over. Discover the mystical meaning of Jesus’ claim that all human beings can be like him! Discover how the most important teachings and sacred rituals of Ancient Egyptian religion were assimilated into Judaism and Christianity and are still being practiced even today, but without the benefit of the mystical wisdom behind them. Discover the true meaning of the Eucharist and the Resurrection and the means to experience them in your own life.

What is the true meaning of the Trinity Mystery of Christianity and how does it apply to the life of every human being? How can the Bible and other Christian teachings move from being just myth and ritual to a way of life which will lead you to the exalted state of mystical experience, spiritual enlightenment and the discovery of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth? Christian Yoga: The Mystical Journey From Jesus to Christ shows you the way to transform your life in order to achieve the glorious heights of spiritual experience, unbounded peace, joy and love and more…

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