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The Negro Question Who Am I? Revised Version

Lee Cummings

The Negro Question Who Am I? Revised Version

This is the revised version of THE NEGRO QUESTION, the first book in the Negro Question book-series. I have reconstructed the basic structure of the book and left the storyline intact. This book traces the footsteps of Abraham from Mesopotamia to Africa. Then we take a look at the Hebrews down in Egypt (Africa), I introduce authentic images of Joseph from the 12th dynasty of Egypt along with images and names of the Pharaohs that promoted him! This book looks at the factors that drove Israel into West Africa; the reader will be exposed to a map that names the Slave coast as the Kingdom of Judah. From West Africa, the book travels down into the colonies where the reader will be exposed to a real treat; the 13 black British colonies. I provide the reader with indisputable proof (eyewitness testimony) that the original 13 colonies were indeed black. I introduce the eyewitness testimony of Benjamin Franklin and Professor Boyd Dawkins.....and many more. Just to make sure you understand how valuable this book is......I introduce the reader to the unthinkable.....the 13 colonies had been occupied by a contracted black army.....this is a suspenseful book. I have added authentic images of black Abraham. Joseph, Moses, Naphtali, Levi and Judah, Martin L King, Malcolm x, Medgar Edgars, Jesse Jackson Barack Obama....this revised version is typo free

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