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The Original Maccabees Bible with Psalm 151

Roderick M Mclean

The Original Maccabees Bible with Psalm 151


This is a classical religious text of which four books have been excommunicated from the standard Biblical text. The four books published here are very descriptive of early Jewish history. It outlines early Jewish heroes in the form of the Maccabean brothers who fought religiously against injustice, and on the side of God's people. This edition also reveals the 151 Psalm, which has also been left out of the Psalms of David, in the BOOK OF PSALMS. A must read, especially since at one time in colonial British societies the possession of the Maccabees Bible was considered seditious. The text for this edition was reset from an original text from the British Museum Library.

I beseech therefore those that read this book, that they be not discouraged because of the calamities, but account that these punishments were not for the destruction, but for the chastening of our race. For indeed that those who act impiously be not let alone any longtime, but straightway meet with retribution, is a sign of great beneficence’ Taken from Maccabees II

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