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The Warrior Method: A Parents' Guide to Rearing Healthy Black Boys

Raymond A. Winbush

The Warrior Method: A Parents' Guide to Rearing Healthy Black Boys

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In The Warrior Method, psychologist, educator, and father Raymond Winbush creates a program designed for parents and teachers to help black boys become strong, self-reliant men. Filled with reflections on the author's own experiences, the book looks at a male's life through the prism of four seasons: spring—conception to four years old; summer—ages five through twelve; autumn—ages thirteen through twenty-one; and winter—age twenty-two and beyond.

Winbush's comprehensive step-by-step approach draws on such African traditions as the "Birthing Circle" and a "Young Warriors Council" to help boys make important transitions, along with other modern variations on tribal customs that instill the values of self-respect, dignity, and honor. The method encourages black boys and their parents to have a global view of the state of black people which enriches their view of themselves.

This updated, timely edition takes into account the special challenges boys face in today’s political climate, which has witnessed a surge in hate crimes, excessive police force, and an even more divided and racially-charged society since President Barack Obama left office. Furthermore, The Warrior Methoddemonstrates the positive influence and lasting impact that Black Panther’s racial pride and the Black Lives Matter Movement have had and how they will continue to affect future generations of young black men.

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