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Tree of Life Meditation System

Ra Un Nefer Amen

Tree of Life Meditation System

The Tree of Life Meditation (TOLM) System, by Ra Un Nefer Amen author of the best seller Metu Neter, in two volumes, will show you how to make revolutionary changes in your life, in just 21 days out of every month. Effective and enduring changes in your life, requires cooperation of 11 sets of mental/spiritual faculties. All self-development and meditation systems on the market only address one or a few of these faculties. Because most faculties are ignored, all effort to make changes in one’s life generally yield poor results. By using the ancient Egyptian insight into the Tree of Life, Ra Un Nefer Amen has taught thousands of people to tap into all 11 hidden powers of the spirit, and to make them work synergistically for maximum success. A most revolutionary aspect of the book is the Spiritual Quotient (SQ) test. Using the mathematical dimensions of the Tree of Life-derived from its hierarchical arrangement of values-the author has devised an accurate means of measuring one’s level of spiritual attainment, and hence spiritual power. It is an ingenious tool that enables the initiate to objectively evaluate his/her spiritual development, to assess the available power for achieving a specific goal through spiritual means, and to diagnose the exact causes of spiritual problems, and their solutions. TOLM is a meditation system that is easy to use, and give immediate results. In the tradition of the Metu Neter, volume 1 and 2, Ra Un Nefer Amen has packed this book with a wealth of spiritual information.

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