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Walter Rodney Speaks

Walter Rodney

Walter Rodney Speaks

Walter Rodney lived with and among black and progressive peoples on four continents and in several areas of the Caribbean. He worked in all these contexts as a historian, university teacher, popular lecturer, social critic and political theorist, and he was an unswerving advocate of the oppressed and exploited classes, especially those of the black world. He was actively involved in the global struggle for freedom…In this work of sustained reflection, Walter tells us in his own words how he came to be the person that he was. He reflects on the nature and meaning of his life at a critical juncture in his career. He also discusses his view on the leading political and social trends in Africa, the Caribbean and Black America during the mid-1970’s —a period of critical shifts in Pan-African and world affairs. For all who seek to continue 'grounding' with this brother, this work is essential.

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