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World's Great Men of Color Vol.2

J A Rogers

World's Great Men of Color Vol.2

In this second volume: outstanding blacks of Europe, the United States, South and Central America, and the West Indies — including Marcus Garvey, Robert Browning, Alexandre Dumas, Aleksander Sergeevich Pushkin, Alessandro de’ Medici, St. Benedict the Moor, and many others. Volume II of World’s Great Men of Color continues the groundbreaking account of the great Black personalities of world history. In this second volume, J.A. Rogers beautifully finishes what he started in his last volume. Like The first, the second volume is a convenient reference; equipped with a comprehensive introduction, it treats all aspects of recorded Black history. J.A. Rogers’s book is vital reading for everyone who wants a fuller and broader understanding of the great personalities who have shaped our world.

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