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About Us

Knowledge Bookstore is an independent Black owned bookstore located in Brampton Ontario that sells African, African Canadian, African American, Caribbean and Children books. We also offer Black dolls, greeting cards, dvds, beauty products and gift items not readily available in mainstream stores. Knowledge Bookstore is a community space as well as the go to source for parents, writers, poets, artists and the Black community.
Knowledge Bookstore started as a dream realized and continues to awaken the minds of our customers with our large assortment of children, history, religious, Caribbean, African and Black Studies titles. The reason we are at Knowledge Bookstores is because we love books. We love reading them, talking about them, and selling them.


My Sanctuary
Storms Rage, Battering Me
Troubled Journeys, Roads Rough, Stones Cutting My Feet
I’m Soaking, Weary, Unable To Find A Comfortable Seat
My Insides In Turmoil, Lost, Blind
Searching The Darkness For A Beacon
I’m A Shell, A Outer Covering Conditioned
From Man’s Systems, His Eternal Hell
My Spirit, A Low Ember
Fire Waiting For Fuel, To Burn Bright
Leaving A Legacy, For Others To Remember
Like A Guiding Light Showing The Way
A Blessing For Many, Each, Everyday
You Have Given Us What We Truly Need
Somewhere To Escape, To Feel Our Ancestors Presence
Our Creators Blessings, In The Books, Our Seeds
Our Place, Our Home, Our Inheritance
My Sanctuary
Medassi (Thank you!)
Kwame Michael Mcpherson – To My Knowledge Bookstore family, December 2007
Knowledge Bookstore
177 Queen St W
Brampton ON L6Y 1M5

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm

Sunday 12:00pm - 5:00pm