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Awakening the Natural Genius of Black Children

Amos Wilson

Awakening the Natural Genius of Black Children

Afrikan children are naturally precocious and gifted. They begin life with a 'natural head start.' However, their natural genius it too frequently underdeveloped and misdirected by (1) the fact that the racist and imperialist status quo politically mandates their intellectual under-achievement and social mal-adaptiveness; (2) belief in the myth that intelligence is fixed at birth and that Afrikans are innately less intelligent than Europeans; (3) a lack of knowledge of their positively unique developmental psychology; (4) a lack of confidence in their ability to equal or surpass the intellectual performance of any other ethnic group; and (5) the general lack of infant and early childhood educational experiences which stimulate, sustain and actualize their abundant human potential. Awakening the Natural Genius of Black Children provides effective means by which these political and social maladies may be fully remedies. Intelligence is not fixed at birth. The quality of children’s educational experiences during infancy and early childhood are substantially related to their measured intelligence, academic achievement and prosocial behavior. In this volume, Amos N. Wilson, author of the bestseller, The Developmental Psychology of the Black Child, surveys the daily routines, child-rearing practices, parent-child interactions, games and play materials, parent-training and pre-school programs which have made demonstrably outstanding and lasting differences in the intellectual, academic and social performance of Black children.

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