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Urban Intellectuals

Black History Playing Cards – With Custom Illustrations, Quotes and Facts


Spades will NEVER be the same again!

Grab our brand new Black History Playing Cards that are changing everything!


Beautiful Illustrations
When you open the deck you will notice the facecards have a beautiful, professional illustration to them giving very powerful images of Black history and excellence to motivate and inspire you.

Quotes & Facts
The number cards include quotes and facts to make this MORE than just a deck of cards but also a learning opportunity and a positive way to infuse Black excellence into the lives of your children, family and yourselves!

Suit Categories
We didn’t just stop with well-designed playing cards, we put some thought into this. Each suit represents a special theme.

  • SPADES – Represents Contemporary
  • HEARTS – Represents Civil Rights
  • DIAMONDS – Represent Dynasties
  • CLUBS – Represents Revolts

Big & Little Jokers
Another strong detail of this deck features Mother Africa and the African Diaspora as the Jokers, but which one is the Big and Little. We’ve left that up to you to decide.

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