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Encyclopedia of Jamaican Heritage

Olive Senior

Encyclopedia of Jamaican Heritage

Who is BIG BOY? TACKY? MADAM FATE? MARY SEACOLE? What is the difference between ARAWAKS and TAINOS? Why MOKO? CATTA? Or Wedding BESSY? When would you dance DINKI MINI, GERREH or KUMINA? What does HOSAY celebrate? Where is FORT NUGENT or GOOD HOPE? Why do Jamaican children fear CASTOR OIL? Whose FOLLY was it? Does PASSION FRUIT make you passionate? Do you know how to run DUPPY or play MOONSHINE BABY? When was EMANCIPATION? What did COLUMBUS discover in 1494? How many Jamaican soldiers served in the first WORLD WAR? This unique sourcebook runs the gamut from ABENG to ZOMBI with nearly 1000 entries and more than 700 illustrations as it explores the various strands of Jamaican Heritage: PEOPLE from all the ethnic and racial groups including the pre-Columbian. The world of NATURE AND THE ENVIRONMENT — the landscape and geography, historic sites, beauty and recreational spots. PLANTS and ANIMALS. CEREMONIES, CELEBRATIONS — SPORTS, GAMES AND PASTIMES. DOMESTIC and ECONOMIC activities. FOOD, CRAFTS, TRADES and OCCUPATIONS. RELIGIOUS, EDUCATIONAL and CULTURAL activities and institutions. FOLKLORE, MYTHS and LEGENDS. TALES, PROVERBS and SAYINGS. HISTORIC PEOPLE, PLACES and EVENTS.

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