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Meredith Rusu

I Can Be Brave (Learn About: Your Best Self)

Learn all about positive behavior and meet your best self!

"I can be brave when I try a new vegetable, like eggplant. I can be brave by telling the truth, even if I might get in trouble."

This is Bob, and he wants to share with you what it means for him to be brave. You will see that, when he works hard to be brave, he feels big and strong. It's his superpower!


Learning social skills is a key element of early childhood development and in helping kids develop a healthy identity. These relatable stories in familiar settings explore some of the most important social/emotional needs of young children, encouraging them to recognize, understand, express, and navigate various emotions and situations they might experience every day at school and at home. From being brave, honest, and kind, to being good friends, these books will help readers meet their best self!

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