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Journeys: Short Stories,Poetry and Articles

Linda M. Brissett

Journeys: Short Stories,Poetry and Articles


Although some of the contents of this book are fictitious, some are true, and in some cases, personal.  The contents reflect one's ability to manage well, various stages of his journey, and the experiences that can be gained during the process. Each journey has a beginning and an ending.  There will be pitfalls along the way.  There will be valleys, hills and mountains encountered as the journeys progress, and perhaps obstacles to overcome.  The adventures are presented in three literary formats-short stories, poetry and articles, with the hope that the varied contents will prove to be interesting, inspiring and enjoyable to all who peruse this book. One's journey takes him through one period of his life to another, hopefully gaining progress as he moves through...It is imperative to stop for varying periods of time... To evaluate the situation as it pertains to the journey.

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