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Tonya Leslie

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: World of Reading: This is Moon Girl

Introducing Moon Girl!

When her Lower East Side, New York, neighborhood needs saving, a 13-year- old Black, super-genius transforms into her Marvel Super Hero alter-ego: Moon Girl! Her best friend Casey is there to manage her social media, and her giant red T-Rex, Devil Dinosaur, is by her side for muscle. Moon Girl is confident, determined, and ready for action in her turbo-powered roller skates. 
The World of Reading This is... series is designed to offer reluctant readers books they will want to read by featuring the origin stories of characters they love.   
Learn how a tween girl from the Lower East Side  becomes Moon Girl in this 32-page origin story. 

  • large, easy-to-read print
  • short, simple sentences
  • fun illustrations
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