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Nina Soni, Perfect Hostess

Kashmira Sheth

Nina Soni, Perfect Hostess

When family visit from India, Nina Soni has the opportunity to be the perfect hostess—but her annoying cousin Montu and her own assumptions and intentions may complicate matters.

Nina’s grandmother is coming to visit, all the way from India. It’s hard, only getting to see her grandparents on carefully timed video calls, scheduled to manage that ten-and-a-half hour time difference. But now Dadi is going to stay for several weeks!
Nina can’t wait to see Dadi—but then it turns out that Montu, her annoying cousin, will also be coming. It’s challenging enough to manage her little sister, but Nina has gotten used to that, and even come to appreciate many of Kavita’s eccentricities. Still, it will be fun to introduce her extended family to life and friends in Madison, Wisconsin, and Nina is determined to become the perfect hostess. Surely, she can manage to plan a lovely visit, with the help of the lists she makes in her journal.

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