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Ranger Hamza

Ranger Hamza's Eco Quest


From the smallest seed to the tallest tree, everything in nature has a purpose. Learn where to find the planet-preserving wildlife that’s right on your doorstep.

Go on your very own Eco Quest and discover nature’s heroes in your own neighborhood. With this complete guide to what’s around you, discover amazing plants, animals and habits in your local parks, gardens and green spaces.

Can you find some lichen on a wall or tree? Some earthworms in the ground? A dandelion growing through a crack in the pavement?

Each page explains how these everyday nature heroes play a part in the ecosystem, and how we can help preserve them for generations to come.

This book contains a variety of exercises to help kids learn about wildlife, ecosystems and the planet, including:

  • Can be used as an open-ended guide to nature walks in your own area.
  • Contains easy makes and activities that help support the nature heroes, such as turning a bucket into a mini water butt, or planting a sunflower to provide food for insects and birds.
  • Will help young ramblers understand how each element in nature works together, and how they have a role to play too!

Perfect for families looking to turn a simple nature walk into a fascinating journey of discovery. This is a colorful and fun book to be tucked under the arm on adventures, whether urban or countryside.

Ivy Kids brings you beautiful, sustainably printed books to rewild your child, nurture creativity, and foster a deep connection with the living world. Winner of the Sustainability Award at the Independent Publishers Awards 2022, Ivy Kids books are planet-friendly, printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, locally to where they are sold.

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