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The Serpent Power

Muata Ashby

The Serpent Power

For many years the teachings related to a mystical energy which lies dormant within every human being has been talked about and explored by the eastern mystics and yogis under the name Kundalini. However, this same mystical energy was known about in very ancient times in the land of Kamut or Ancient Egypt in the Continent of Africa. How is this energy to be discovered and cultivated? How can it lead to unimaginable experiences of inner peace and supreme fulfillment? How can this energy, which is stronger than any other force on earth, be harnessed and used to carry a practitioner of Serpent Power Yoga to the heights of spiritual enlightenment? Take a journey into the depths of the Astral Body and discover your psycho-spiritual energy centers. This volume explores the Serpent Power teachings from Ancient Egypt and the method to cultivate the Life Force so as to reach transcendental consciousness wherein there is supreme happiness and oneness with the universe.

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