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The Sister Switch (Best Wishes #2)

Sarah Mlynowski

The Sister Switch (Best Wishes #2)

This exciting new series following a magical bracelet that’s sent to different girls across the country is like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants for MG! In this second installment, co-written by bestselling authors Sarah Mlynowski and Debbie Rigaud, the bracelet comes to a girl in Ohio, and kicks off a Freaky Friday-style adventure.

Ten-year-old Addie Asante of Columbus, Ohio, is sick of being the middle sister. Her big sister, Sophie, can do whatever she wants, and her little sister, Camille, is totally spoiled. When Addie receives a mysterious box in the mail containing a magical bracelet — and a note from a girl in New York named Becca — she’s intrigued. Addie makes a wish on the bracelet to no longer be in the middle and suddenly — POOF — she’s literally transformed into her big sister!

At first, getting to be Sophie is amazing: Addie is allowed to hang out at the coffee shop after school, have her own room, AND participate in the school talent show . . . this is the life! But as her new long-distance friend Becca warns Addie, this wish-granting bracelet isn’t all that it seems. Having a wish come true can get really messy really fast. Plus, in a twist of magical chaos, Addie’s big sister has become the baby sister, and Addie’s baby sister is living as ADDIE! With friendships — and school tests — on the line, and a sneaky stranger determined to get her hands on the magic bracelet . . . can Addie and her sisters find a way to switch things BACK before it’s too late?

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