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When the World Was Black:The Untold History of the World’s First Civilizations, Part Two: Ancient Civilization

Supreme Understanding

When the World Was Black:The Untold History of the World’s First Civilizations, Part Two: Ancient Civilization


When the World Was Black: The Untold History of the World’s First Civilizations (Volume Two of The Science of Self series) has been published in TWO parts. Why two? Because there are far too many stories that remain untold. We had over 200,000 years of Black history to tell – from the southern tip of Chile to the northernmost isles of Europe – and you can’t do that justice in a 300-page book. So there are two parts, each consisting of 360 pages of groundbreaking history, digging deep into the story of all the world’s original people.

Part One covers the Black origins of all the world’s oldest cultures and societies, spanning more than 200,000 years of human history.
Part Two tells the stories of the Black men and women who introduced urban civilization to the world over the last 20,000 years, up to the time of European contact.
Each part has over 100 helpful maps, graphs, and photos, an 8-page full-color insert in the center, and over 300 footnotes and references for further research.

Using the highest standards of scientific methodology and peer-reviewed sources with hundreds of citations and footnotes for further study!
Not pseudo-science. Real science. The Science of SELF.

Showing and Proving:

  • Why melanin can be found in our skin, in our brains, and in interstellar clouds
  • How life began on Earth and the process it went through to become the first people
  • The mathematical nature of all life processes
  • The Black origins of all the world’s ancient civilizations
  • How indigenous traditions are often more effective than modern methods
  • The advanced technological abilities of prehistoric people
  • The Black builders of Stonehenge and what else they gave the world
  • The reason why many ancient civilizations fell apart
  • The way our societies worked before European contact
  • The role of the mind and consciousness in creating physical reality
  • The science of prophecy, prediction, and myth
  • The origins of the world’s ancient religions
  • The Blackwoman’s relationship with the living planet Earth
  • The history of Original people worldwide BEFORE 4,000 BC
  • The cyclical nature of history and how we can use the past to understand the present

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