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Anna Makanda



Zimbabwe - A land of diamonds, platinum and gold 

Whether a child wants to know more about their cultural roots and ethnic origins, or they are simply curious about discovering a country rich with natural resources and rugged beauty, this African children’s book collection is here to help!

The book begins with a Factfile which includes interesting information about Zimbabwe such as the size of the country and population; capital city and religions. The reader will meet the characters Tendai, Ranga and Marvelous who will introduce them to their families as well as their native languages Shona and Ndebele. 

They will then explore the magnificent landscapes from the vast savannahs to the luscious forests; including the fascinating animals that live within.  They go on to share with the reader; the food that they enjoy from Sadza to Dovi to candy cake as well as sharing their version of special occasions such as Christmas Day. 

The reader will also learn fun traditions such as how people cure hiccups to what they do when their tooth falls out. 

The reader will be left inspired by characters including the much loved Black Panther actress Danai Gurira.

Discover Zimbabwe, a title from Our World My Roots.

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