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Author Interviews

Everyday Excellence

“Everyday Excellence” is not only a worthy goal that we should all strive to accomplish, but also the title of Dwayne Morgan seventh independently published book.  If I did not read the forward I would be tempted to categorize “Everyday Excellence” as an inspirational book however Dwayne sees it more as “Self-Hope”.  Dwayne Morgan can be described as an entrepreneur, spoken word artist, event producer, photographer, and author.  He is the recipient of several awards for his creative works in the city of Toronto and abroad.  Dwayne’s 20-year experience as an entrepreneur and vast achievements makes him the ideal candidate...

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Embrace Your Destiny: 12 Steps to Living the Life You Deserve!

Have you ever experienced a loss so devastating that you did not know how you would survive?  Sandra Dawes author of "Embrace Your Destiny" shares the emotional, mental and spiritual upheaval the death of her father created in her life.  "I felt like I was drowning, and even though there were people trying to throw life buoys out to save me, it didn't seem like I could grab hold of any of them."  Make yourself comfortable as you join Sandra on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment which ultimately leads to embracing the life you deserve to live.                                   Sandra's writing...

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Scattered Thoughts with Felicia Guy-Lynch

Can you share with us your favourite black author and how they have influence you as a person? My favourite black author is Sister Souljah. She has inspired me to continue to be transparent and to not let anyone censor me. She has also influenced me to tell my story and be authentic to ensure that my readers can connect with my story. Do you have a specific reason(s) for writing Scattered Thoughts and 365? Yes. I wrote scattered thoughts so that when I got into the poetry/spoken word circle, I had something to show for my craft. I wrote...

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A Word with author Angelot Ndongmo

  If you could make a major change in the world what would it be? I would make it so that everyone, regardless of age, had access to free healthcare and a quality education that included a cultural awareness component. Children would have to learn early on, to respect and understand each other's cultures and/or differences. What is your secret to handling Adversity? One of the things I do to handle adversity is to try my best to persevere through whatever comes my way. I struggle at times in this area, because life can be so unpredictable / challenging, however, once I have time to think things through,...

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