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Everyday Excellence

“Everyday Excellence” is not only a worthy goal that we should all strive to accomplish, but also the title of Dwayne Morgan seventh independently published book.  If I did not read the forward I would be tempted to categorize “Everyday Excellence” as an inspirational book however Dwayne sees it more as “Self-Hope”.  Dwayne Morgan can be described as an entrepreneur, spoken word artist, event producer, photographer, and author.  He is the recipient of several awards for his creative works in the city of Toronto and abroad.  Dwayne’s 20-year experience as an entrepreneur and vast achievements makes him the ideal candidate to share his journey so far.

“I can share what I know, and give suggestions, but I can’t help you.  We have to be willing to do the work to help ourselves,” Dwayne sets the tone of his book immediately with his honesty about accepting responsibility for our life journey.  Everyday Excellence is a communion of Dwayne’s personal and career challenges, victories, lessons learned and evolution.    He speaks to the reader in a loving and encouraging voice openly sharing his vulnerabilities and strength of character through life examples.  At the end of each chapter is a suggested practical activity that can be a learning experience and more importantly a prompt to action. 

Everyday Excellence provides the recipe for a tasty dish, however as the chef you will have to do the prep work, gather and know your ingredients, put your fear aside and get into the kitchen and start cooking.  Thanks Dwayne because even if I burn the dish I know that I have achieved a small success.

Everyday Excellence by Dwayne Morgan recommended for anyone who wants to live a life of excellence and a must read for all spoken word artist, poets, and independently published authors.

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